How Prepared Are You

1. Does your diet consist of a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nutritious proteins such as seafood and eggs, or vegetarian alternatives?
2. How savvy are you at grocery shopping, cooking and careful kitchen clean-up, should you need to pick up slack while your partner is pregnant?
3. Do you partake in some form of cardiovascular exercise for 20-30 minutes a day?
4. Have you limited your intake of caffeine, alcohol, and trans fatty foods, for at least 90 days? Have you eliminated smoking and illicit drug use?
5. Have you altered lifestyle routines for more than the past 90 days, such as opting for a warm shower instead of the sauna or Jacuzzi to relax muscles after a workout?
6. Are you aware of exposure to substances such as pesticides, chemical fertilizer, lead, nickel, radiation, etc. in your home and or in your workplace?
7. Have you recently visited the doctor to discuss your medical history, overall health, and any current medications you may be on that could affect your fertility?
8. Have you discussed key vitamins and/or supplements you might need to be taking for optimal sperm health with your physican?