Fertility Expert, Dr. Michael Heard, Talks Shop About Ways Guys Prepare for a Healthy Conception and How Proxeed Plus Can Help Support Male Fertility†

When you hear guys tell each other, “We’re trying to get pregnant,” we know it’s actually the universal “guy code” for “we’re having lots of sex ‘round the clock!” Sounds like a dream, right? However, there’s more to making a baby than just having sex (yes, really!).

Often times, reproductive endocrinologist and fertility expert Dr. Michael Heard sees an empty chair next to a female patient who is meeting with him because she and her partner are having trouble conceiving. Fact is….guys, you need to step it up and do your share in preparing for a healthy conception. Ask yourself, “Am I eating better? Getting enough exercise? Had a recent medical checkup?”

In our new video, So You’ve Decided to Have a Baby,” Dr. Heard gets real and dishes the 411 on how guys can help prepare themselves for a healthy conception, including advice on lifestyle and dietary changes that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.  Click here to get the answers and much more.

And remember, if you’re thinking about having a baby—talk with your healthcare provider about incorporating Proxeed Plus into your diet and don’t let worrying about male fertility be on your prepping for pregnancy to-do list.


About Proxeed Plus:

Proxeed Plus is a patented prenatal supplement specifically designed to support sperm health. Proxeed Plus can help support sperm health by delivering an antioxidant complex and key nutrients, like zinc, L-carnitine, and selenium, needed for developing sperm†.

For optimal results it is recommended to take Proxeed Plus for at least six (6) months but should be taken as long as needed to maintain sperm quality, an essential factor in a couple’s fertility†.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.